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i have an idea for why unjust suffering (by earthly definition) is allowed. God's purpose for creating life is to give each of us the opportunity to choose or reject Him. for that choice to be pure, it has to be of our own free will, completely apart from the worldly results of that decision. if everyone that chose God became rich and happy and successful, than many of us would choose based on wanting money or happiness. if He only allowed bad things to happen (cancer, tsunamis, genocide) to those who rejected Him, then we would have ulterior motives for not rejecting. so suffering cannot be involved in our decision, and the only real way for that to be is for suffering to be random. those who choose God have to be afflicted with seemingly unjust suffering, as do those who don't choose Him.

and that would apply to all other aspects of our lives as well, no country is more or less prone to mass events of suffering, no religion (or even christian denomination), no sexual orientation, no race, irregardless of one's view on creation or evolution, nothing can effect our free will, or it wouldn't be free will.

if that wasn't the case, than God would be like the police, who don't care why we follow the speed limits, they don't care if we agree with them or not, they just want us to obey them. God wants us to choose Him, not because of what will or won't happen to us while we're on earth, but because He's true. in fact He wants us to choose Him in spite of the evil that might happen to us.

in know thats long winded, but i've been stewing over this for awhile, and this seemed like a good opportunity to throw it out there, and get some feedback on my idea's strengths and weaknesses.

Please explain how infinite torture for finite offenses could in any way be just. And how you know your god exists in the first place.

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